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Nightshift Bundle


The Nightshift pattern by Andrea Mowry is a stunner! It uses the mosaic technique so you only carry one strand of yarn at a time, and the variegation of our Making Tracks yarn results in a piece that is sure to impress. The pattern includes a "recipe" and to make your Nightshift like our sample, you'll keep knitting for three additional sections (see below). Pattern can be purchased separately from the Drea Renee Knits website or Ravlery.

Bundle includes 1 skein each of Making Tracks:

+ Birdsong (Color A, 210 yards)

+ Passionflower (Color B, 210 yards)

+ Late October (Color C, 210 yards)

+ Leaves in the Brook (Color D, 210 yards)

+ Zinnia (Color E, 210 yards)

+ Constellation (Color F, 210 yards)

Bundle does not include pattern, needles or other project notions. Pattern can be purchased here.

To make yours the same as our sample, follow the pattern instructions for sections 1-10 as specified in the pattern assigning the colorways as stated above. Then make three additional sections following the "recipe" as follows:

Section 11: Colors C & A (Late October & Birdsong)

Section 12: Colors D & B (Leaves in the Brook & Passionflower)

Section 13: Colors B & E (Passionflower & Zinnia)

Then proceed with finishing instructions.

Designed by Andrea Mowry | One Size | Adventurous Beginner

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