Millcast Episode 39

Ona Woldten

By: Amanda & Peggy

Episode Summary

Change of plans! Rather than recording on Monday from the Cape, we’re recording on Friday before, during, and after our Open House. We had Ona Woldten, pattern designer of the Tørkle which we’re knitting for the KAL, in the mill to talk about her patterns. We hope you were able to make it and mark your calendars for the next date: Friday, Sept 1st.


Lindal Tørkle KAL

Northern New England Fibershed

2023 Design Challenge

Ona Woldten’s website

Hermit Thrush Fiber Co. Help Sessions

Ona’s notes about short-rows for the Tørkle:

Regarding short-rows, I just use a very simple wrap and turn - not German short-rows, or Japanese short-rows.... (Wikipedia) I also DO NOT pick up my stitches, although people have asked me this and I say, if that is what they are familiar with, to go ahead and do it. It’s just not what I’ve been doing. I don’t mind seeing a bit of the lacy effect that is produced by gaps that are created when making the wraps and turns. As long as it is consistent, I find that it works beautifully along the edge of those shapes. Here is another link - I am using Wrapless - Simple Short Rows according to this link.


+ Intro: "Wordsmith" by Julian Lage from Modern Lore

+ Featuring music by Still Hill

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