Millcast Episode 28

New England Fiber Weekend!

By: Amanda & Peggy

Episode Summary

In this conversation, a somewhat tired Amanda and Peggy discuss the previous weekend’s fiber events. They briefly talk about what they’re wearing and what’s on their needles, including Peg’s sweater and a self-sewn jacket. Amanda attended the Northern New England Fibershed Roundtable at Sanborn Mills, which was a historic mill and hosted the event with panel discussions and industry networking. Peggy participated in the Norwich Farmers Market and later set up a booth at the Boston Public Market, for the New England Farm and Fiber Festival. The conversation ends with them sharing videos of the events and expressing enjoyment for the experience.

What we’re wearing


Northern New England Fibershed

New England Farm and Fiber Festival

Comfort Cloth Weaving

Taproot Magazine

Wing and a Prayer Farm

What We’re Knitting

Amanda: Festival Sweater pattern by Petite Knit

Coming Up

June 2: Open House 4-6pm, Still Hill

Music: "Wordsmith" by Julian Lage from Modern Lore

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